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Fractured Franchise

Fractured Franchise Free Online Research Papers Reading of the article by Louis Menand only entrenched my attitude towards the issue concerning the right to vote. I do believe that the right to vote should be restricted in a way that only well-informed voters disposing of a sufficient knowledge of political situation would be recognized as being able to decide on political issues. Even if Caplan argues mostly within the framework of economic issues, his arguments remain plausible also in politics. The universal right to vote may not be a significant problem in developed democracies, whereas in the countries that have experienced other regimes this issue becomes more sensible. This is mainly because, apart from what Caplan wrote about individual rational choice to be ignorant because of the low price of voting, the fact that the elderly population would vote only because participation (and consent, indeed) used to be their civic duty. Since those people, who form the majority of the electoral public in Slovakia, for example, are convinced that they are obliged to vote, their motivation to inform themselves on the political situation is practically zero. Even if they believe being informed and form their political opinion, the risk that they do not consider all of the consequences of their opinion remains present. This is true not only for the elderly population, but also for most of the voting public. I agree with Caplan that the argument of collective intelligence is not valid, and that not only because democracy is not similar to market in it`s structure, but also because another condition for the collective intelligence to take place is that the collective should not be affected by no authority (in a case where they are affected, the result radically changes). The idea of â€Å"shortcuts† in decision-making obstructs the realisation of this condition. Also, I agree with Caplan`s statement that people tend to demand the preservation of the current status-quo. This means that the voters tend to stick to the experienced policies that did not cause much harm instead of wanting the adoption of policies that may improve the political situation and lead to the pursuit of their self-interest. This is why I believe that the right to vote should be limited only to those, who are actually concerned about politics and have sufficient knowledge on the issues they want to decide about. Even if many claim that democracy should be absolute and that the solutioin for all problems of democracy is more democracy, I do believe that they misunderstood it`s principles. Democracy, as I see it, is based on the equality of inputs, it means that everyone should have the right to be informed on the political situation, everyone should have an equal chance to get the right to vote. The universal right to vote is going beyond this and harms the system. Research Papers on Fractured FranchiseBringing Democracy to AfricaHip-Hop is ArtQuebec and Canada19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andPETSTEL analysis of IndiaCapital PunishmentAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenThe Project Managment Office System

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Reverse Social Engineering Attacks in Online Social Networks Essay

Reverse Social Engineering Attacks in Online Social Networks - Essay Example However, this significant step is a very ethically sensitive domain, questions addressing the justification of carrying out such a study on real users without their knowledge do arise. However, it is inevitable to examine this issue through this method due to the fact that there is no other alternative methodology available. It was made certain the all the sensitive information was cautiously handled and during aggregate analysis, the data was anonymised and no manual inspection was carried out. Since the experiment was conducted in Europe, the legal department of the institution was consulted which is analogous to Institute Review Board (IRB) in the US and they approved of the data handling procedure. In the study, a single account was initiated which performed a large number of email search queries, the profile was then recommended by the site suggestion system to multiple profiles as a potential friend and as a result, thousand friend requests were received by the account. This wa s to show how easy it is to trick users into establishing a trust relationship in the networking sites. In the second set of experiments, five different attack profiles were generated for three social networks. The attackers rely on a form of baiting system in which the victim is lured to contact the attacker itself. Two types of attack exist Mediated, in which baiting is performed by an intermediate body such as that of Facebook friend suggestion system and secondly, the direct system in which baiting is visible to the targeted user.

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E-Logistics2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

E-Logistics2 - Essay Example This report describes the various challenges in global supply chain strategy of VF and provides recommendation to improve the â€Å"Third Way† supply chain system globally. Challenges of â€Å"Third Way† supply chain Strategy of VF VF produces apparel products from its own manufacturing plant as well as acquires apparels from other suppliers. The outsourcing strategy of VF focuses on flexibility. VF possesses strong manufacturing capacity and it can also outsource from suppliers to improve the manufacturing process and thus reduce the cost of production. The suppliers of clothing industry use term contract to produce particular garment in particular quantity. This strategy helped VF to shift production among suppliers in different locations for optimizing cost and respond to the changes in any business conditions such as changes in tariff or exchange rates and other factors related to cost. VF had responded to the market condition and implemented â€Å"Third Way† supply chain strategy to gain advantage of both in house manufacturing and outsourcing as well. VF had two critical elements in the growth strategy which were to expand sales outside the US and expand the ‘direct to consumer’ business. ... For example, Walmart, one of the largest jeans retailers of the US had launched jeans under their own brand. The apparel companies mostly concentrated on design and marketing rather than production. The production was generally a labour intensive method which had several disadvantages. This enabled the garment companies to outsource the production of their design in high competitive terms (Pisano & Adams, 2009). As the supply chain had become globalized, it was a great challenge for VF to find good supplier and develop good relationship in order to coordinate the production flows. The apparel companies do not possess appropriate skill and good bond for efficient outsourcing in Asian region. For this reason, a few Asian manufacturers had started to modify their business to provide fully incorporated supply chain to the apparel companies (Pisano & Adams, 2009). The economic recession of 2008–2009 was also another challenge of VF. Compared to other competitors, VF had managed the global recession much better, though it has also seen decline in sales by 9% in the year 2009. Their income had reduced by 30% in the same year, but the financial condition of VF was strong. It had relatively lower debt, good credit line and comparatively higher cash than their competitors. The biggest fear for VF was the long term impact of the economic crisis on the supply chain. Several garment suppliers were operating on low margin and did not have any financial cushion. When the volume fell because of low demand of garment products, suppliers were forced to shut down their business. The sudden closure of supplier’s business had proved to be troublesome for VF Company. For example, a supplier of VF had informed that it would close down its

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Deer Valley Lodge Project Essay Example for Free

Deer Valley Lodge Project Essay The purpose of this unit 5 individual project is to take into consideration the revamping project associated with Deer Valley Lodge. The ski resort has made plans to add to the already sprawling location and wish to determine whether based on tax and cost information, if the new improvements are of an advantage or a disadvantage to the company as a whole. ? Deer Valley Lodge Deer Valley Lodge is a ski resort that has plans to add five new chairlifts to their site. The costs/interest to the company per chairlift is as follows: †¢Lift Costs $2 Million †¢Preparation of slope and installation costs $1. 3 Million †¢300 additional skiers if built †¢ONLY 40 days a year when the extra room for skiers will be needed. †¢New lifts will cost $500. 00 per day for 200 days †¢Tickets cost $55. 00 per day †¢New lift has an economic life of 20 years The above figures are very important when taking into prospective the planning and implementation of the planning for future extensions. Based on this knowledge, this exercise will call for explanation of the following information in this paper: 1. Assume that the before-tax required rate of return for Deer Valley is 14%. Compute the before-tax NPV of the new lift and advise the managers of Deer Valley about whether adding the lift will be a profitable investment. Show calculations to support your answer. 2. Assume that the after-tax required rate of return for Deer Valley is 8%, the income tax rate is 40%, and the MACRS recovery period is 10 years. Compute the after-tax NPV of the new lift and advise the managers of Deer Valley about whether adding the lift will be a profitable investment. Show calculations to support your answer. 3. What subjective factors would affect the investment decision? Computing Revenue and Cost Based on the previously listed figures it is safe to assume that the below figures will show the appropriate yield given the costs associated with the building of the new lift. Figuring the Incremental revenue and cost is of importance to complete this exercise. Incremental Revenue: $55. 00 per day (X) multiplied by the extra intended tickets which is 300 (X) then multiplied by the intended 40 day usage brings the total revenue cost to 660,000. 00, while Incremental cost is the lift costs of $500/per day multiplied by the total amount of days in service which is 200, which will bring the cost to 100,000. Then you take into prospective the Profit which is the difference of the Incremental revenue and the Incremental costs which in turn is 560,000. If this is the case then it is understood that the before-tax cash flow is as follows: 1. Initial year: 3,300,000 2. Every year after: 560,000 These figures are important when determining the factors that will suggest that the building of the new lift is of the utmost importance. Computing the before-tax NPV of the new lift: Will it be profitable Due to the NPV being a positive number listed in the above calculations it is my belief and will be the advantage of the company in question to go ahead with the project and expect a great return for their efforts.

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Human Relationships-Frankenstein Essay -- Literary Analysis, Mary Shel

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is book about the importance of human relationships and treating everyone with dignity and respect. The main character of the book is Victor Frankenstein who is a very intelligent man with a desire to create life in another being. After he completes his creation, he is horrified to find that what he has created is a monster. The monster is the ugliest, most disgusting creature that he has ever seen. Victor being sickened by his creation allows the monster to run off and become all alone in the world. Throughout Frankenstein, Mary Shelley uses the theme of human relationships to illustrate the bond that man has with other beings and the need for love and affection. The importance of human relationships is shown throughout the book in many ways. Victor’s mother says to him, â€Å"I have a pretty present for my Victor—tomorrow he shall have it†(18).Victor is very excited that he has such a precious gift that will always be his. They become very close and refer to each other as cousins. However, there is a deeper a relationship between the two, and Victor vows to always protect and take of the girl whose name is Elizabeth. Mary Shelley uses this quote to explain how special Elizabeth is to Victor and that she is gift sent to him. Victor’s mother reinforces this again when she says to Victor and Elizabeth, â€Å"My children, my firmest hopes of future happiness were placed on the prospect of your union. This expectation will now be the consolation of your father. Elizabeth, my love, you must supply my place to my younger children. Alas! I regret that I am taken from you; and, happy and beloved as I have been, is it not hard to quit you all? But these are not thoughts befitting me; I will endeavour to resign... ...e seeking help and strength to take care of problems in their lives. Victor Frankenstein is a man with a loving and caring family. Family and friends are an important part of his life. He has his whole life in front of him, when creates his monster. He creates the monster in the likeness of man with same need of love and affection as man. Although, this is his creation, he lets the monster down and does not care for him. The monster begins to feel neglected and lonely and wants desperately to have a human relationship. The monster turns angry and revengeful because he is so sad and abandoned. He wants Victor to feel the way that he does, all alone. The monster succeeds and Victor ends up losing all the important in his life and his own life. In the end, the monster dies and the need for human relationship becomes the destruction for both the monster and Victor.

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Four Approaches to Information Technology Infrastructure Investment

FOUR APPROACHES TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT Presented by: Kemeasoudei Fanama (u0856287) WHAT IS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY? Information technology is defined as the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer- based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, transmit, process, protect and securely retrieve information. APPROACHES TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT 1.Fundamental Approach: The basic tenets of the fundamental approach, which is perhaps most commonly advocated by investment professionals, are as follows: There is an intrinsic value of a security and this depends upon underlying economic (fundamental) factors. The intrinsic value can be established by a penetrating analysis of the fundamental factors relating to the company, industry, and economy. At any given point of time, there are some securities for which the prevailing market price would differ from the intrinsic value.Sooner or later, of course, the market price would fall in line with the intrinsic value. ? ? ? Superior returns can be earned by buying under-valued securities (securities whose intrinsic value exceeds the market price) and selling over-valued securities (securities whose intrinsic value is less than the market price). APPROACHES TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT (continued) 2. Psychological Approach: The psychological approach is based on the premise that stock prices are guided by emotion, rather than reason.Stock prices are believed to be influenced by the psychological mood of the investors. When greed and euphoria sweep the market, prices rise to dizzy heights. On the other hand, when fear and despair envelop the market, prices fall to abysmally low levels. Since psychic values appear to be more important than intrinsic values, the psychological approach suggests t hat it is more profitable to analyse how investors tend to behave as the market is swept by waves of optimism and pessimism which seem to alternate. The psychological approach has been described vividly as the ‘castles-in-air’ theory by Burton G.Malkiel. Those who subscribe to the psychological approach or the ‘castles-in-the-air’ theory generally use some form of technical analysis which is concerned with a study of internal market data, with a view to developing trading rules aimed at profit-making. The basic premise of technical analysis is that there are certain persistent and recurring patterns of price movements, which can be discerned by analysing market data. Technical analysts use a variety of tools like bar chart, point and figure chart, moving average analysis, breadth of market analysis, etc.APPROACHES TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT (continued) 3. Academic Approach: Over the last five decades or so, the academic community ha s studied various aspects of the capital market, particularly in the advanced countries, with the help of fairly sophisticated methods of investigation. While there are many unresolved issues and controversies stemming from studies pointing in different directions, there appears to be substantial support for the following tenets. Stock markets are reasonably efficient in reacting quickly and rationally to the flow of information.Hence, stock prices reflect intrinsic value fairly well. Put differently: Market price = Intrinsic value Stock price behaviour corresponds to a random walk. This means that successive price changes are independent. As a result, past price behaviour cannot be used to predict future price behaviour. In the capital market, there is a positive relationship between risk and return. More specifically, the expected return from a security is linearly related to its systematic risk. Stock price behaviour corresponds to a random walk. This means that successive price changes are independent.As a result, past price behaviour cannot be used to predict future price behaviour. In the capital market, there is a positive relationship between risk and return. More specifically, the expected return from a security is linearly related to its systematic risk APPROACHES TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT (continued) 4. ? Eclectic Approach: The eclectic approach draws on all the three different approaches discussed above. The basic premises of the eclectic approach are as follows: Fundamental analysis is helpful in establishing basic standards and benchmarks.However, since there are uncertainties associated with fundamental analysis, exclusive reliance on fundamental analysis should be avoided. Equally important, excessive refinement and complexity in fundamental analysis must be viewed with caution. ? Technical analysis is useful in broadly gauging the prevailing mood of investors and the relative strengths of supply and demand forces. How ever, since the mood of investors can vary unpredictably excessive reliance on technical indicators can be hazardous.More important, complicated technical systems should ordinarily be regarded as suspect because they often represent figments of imagination rather than tools of proven usefulness. The market is neither as well ordered as the academic approach suggests, nor as speculative as the psychological approach indicates. While it is characterised by some inefficiencies and imperfections, it seems to react reasonably efficiently and rationally to the flow of information. Likewise, despite many instances of mispriced securities, there appears to be a fairly strong correlation between risk and return. ? THANK YOU!!!

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Pericles Funeral Oration - Thucydides Version

Pericles funeral oration is a speech written by Thucydides for his history of the Peloponnesian War. Pericles delivers the oration not only to bury the dead, but to praise democracy. Pericles, a great supporter of democracy, was a Greek leader and statesman during the Peloponnesian War. He was so important for Athens that his name defines the age -- Periclean (The Age of Pericles), a period when Athens rebuilt what had been destroyed during the recent war with Persia (the Greco-Persian or Persian Wars). The people of Athens, including those from the countryside whose land was being pillaged by their enemies, were kept in crowded conditions within the walls of Athens. Near the start of the Peloponnesian War, a plague swept the city. We dont know for sure what the plague disease was. A recent best guess is Typhoid Fever. At any rate, Pericles succumbed to and died from this plague. [Thucydides on the Plague] Prior to the plagues devastation, Athenians were already dying as a result of the war. Pericles delivered a rousing speech lauding democracy on the occasion of funerals, shortly after the start of the war. Thucydides fervently supported Pericles  but was less enthusiastic about the institution of democracy. Under the hands of Pericles, Thucydides thought democracy could be controlled, but without him, it could be dangerous. Despite Thucydides attitude towards democracy, the speech he puts in Pericles mouth supports the democratic form of government. Thucydides, who wrote his Periclean speech for his History of the Peloponnesian War, readily admits his speeches are only loosely based on memory so shouldnt be taken as a verbatim report. In the speech, Pericles says: Democracy allows men to advance because of merit instead of wealth or inherited class.In a democracy, citizens behave lawfully while doing what they like without fear of prying eyes.In a democracy, there is equal justice for all in private disputes. This closely resembles the official attitude of those modern nations that favor democracy. Thucydides writes: Our constitution does not copy the laws of neighbouring states; we are rather a pattern to others than imitators ourselves. Its administration favours the many instead of the few; this is why it is called a democracy. If we look to the laws, they afford equal justice to all in their private differences; if no social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations not being allowed to interfere with merit; nor again does poverty bar the way, if a man is able to serve the state, he is not hindered by the obscurity of his condition. The freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life. There, far from exercising a jealous surveillance over each other, we do not feel called upon to be angry with our neighbour for doing what he likes, or even to indulge in those injurious looks which cannot fail to be offensive, although they inflict no positive penalty. But all this ease in our private relations does not make us lawle ss as citizens. Against this fear is our chief safeguard, teaching us to obey the magistrates and the laws, particularly such as regard the protection of the injured, whether they are actually on the statute book, or belong to that code which, although unwritten, yet cannot be broken without acknowledged disgrace. Source:Pericles Funeral Oration Features on Democracy in Ancient Greece and the Rise of Democracy Ancient Writers on Democracy AristotleThucydides via Pericles Funeral OrationPlatos ProtagorasAeschinesIsocratesHerodotus Compares Democracy With Oligarchy and MonarchyPseudo-Xenophon