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College Should Be Free - 759 Words

Should the cost of earning a college degree be free? Some students,parents, and educators say that it is morally wrong for a child to spend their entire life going to public school for free and having them to just turn around and pay for college. The students, parents, and educators all would agree that the cost of obtaining a college degree should indeed be free. Those who are against this issue believe that the students themselves or their parents who are financially able should pay for some or all of the expense of attending college after all public school students are given a free ride from elementary to high school. Understanding and considering both sides of the issue, I strongly stand by the decision stating that the cost of attending college should be free. To begin, earning a college degree should be based on a students intellectual ability to complete the curriculum not their ability to meet financial guidelines. Most colleges say that they accept students who have a two point zero grade point average or higher, standard SAT and ACT scores, and the twenty four credits needed to graduate, but once a student meets all the qualifications they are still turned down due to the fact that they are unable to pay the cost that is needed for college. Students unable to meet federal guidelines in order to receive financial aid also may not qualify for income based scholarships. In America the cost of living and tuition has increased while the average household incomeShow MoreRelatedShould College Be Free College?848 Words   |  4 Pages Free College Why are not more people going to college? One obvious answer would be cost, especially the cost of tuition. But the problem is not just that college is expensive. It is also that going to college is complicated. Free college is not just about cultural and social, neither economic. It means navigating advanced courses, standardized tests, and forms. It means figuring out implicit rules-rules that can change. College graduates have higher employment ratesRead MoreShould College Be Free? Essay1520 Words   |  7 PagesShould college be free? A current universal problem poses this question. In today’s world, full of public education standards that hold students maybe too high and in a generation bogged down by student debt, this issue qualifies as a problem more than many are maybe even willing to admit. While the prospect of free college proposes excellent ideals such as a stronger and smarter generation, no student loan problems, and a higher educated society, the truth may a ctually lie in the reality thatRead MoreShould College Be Free College?1614 Words   |  7 Pagescandidates because of his belief that tuition and cost of living at public colleges and universities should be free. Free college has become one of the most talked about policy proposals on the campaign trail, but questions surround the policy, such as how it would work, how much it would cost and how it would affect students (Rhatican). Most colleges bundle their prices in terms of tuition and fees. In 1995, tuition for private colleges was around 14k, for Public out of state it was around 7k and for publicRead MoreShould College Be Free College?1688 Words   |  7 Pagesto cover the costs? Free college is now brought up as a debate whether or not students should receive free college tuition while attending college. Some individuals would like this idea, but I am definite the taxpayers would not like it or support it. If the government cannot afford what they are in debt with now, I am quiet uncertain how adding free college would help the debt go down. I am sure that the government would find some way to get their money back from allowing free tuition, or twice theRead MoreCollege Should Not Be Free876 Words   |  4 Pagesmake public college tuition free. A recent movement to federally mandate college funding has struck the interest of the lower, impoverished members of society. However, if college tuition were free it would be unfair, unregulated, and cost-ineffective in the long run. What does free really mean? Does it include just tuition, or room, board and books? Also, would it be completely free? Someone has to pay something somewhere down the line. There is no way to make college completely free. It would beRead MoreShould Colleges Be Free? Essay1186 Words   |  5 PagesShould colleges be free in America? It is a question that is more relevant today than ever before. As education is one key factor that determines the nation’s fate going forward, this question is worth debating. Making free college education may sound good theoretically but requires herculean efforts to make it practically possible. The main question is whether such program be effective in the long run or not? If, yes how long will the government able to support these costs and from where? Are tuitionRead MoreShould College Be Free?893 Words   |  4 Pagesor not college should be free. Images of students rallying and protesting can be often seen in the news. They are in favor of making college free. I disagree and feel that college should not be free. People would be more likely to fail because there would be no financial consequence, the financial burden would be passed on to taxpayers who wouldn’t even benefit from it, and it would not be fair to those who work hard through earning scholarships and serving in the military. College should not beRead MoreShould College Be Free844 Words   |  4 PagesShould college be free? Posted on  May 8, 2011  by  writefix Should college education be free, or should university students be required to pay tuition fees? Some countries have free education from kindergarten to university, while  students in other countries have to pay  at every step of the way.  This essay will look at some of the reasons for this difference  at university level. Free third level education has several advantages. First of all,  everyone can attend, so the gap between rich and poorRead MoreShould College Be Free?1907 Words   |  8 PagesShould College Be â€Å"Free† in America? As many young millennials rally behind Bernie Sanders and his outlandish claims of free public college for all, others sigh and shake their heads in disapproval. Are these college students really entitled to free higher education? Is it every American’s unalienable right to have a college education? Despite the recent push for free college in the United States, the economic burden and drop in personal responsibility it would create proves that colleges shouldRead MoreShould College Be Free?1916 Words   |  8 Pagesthroats since elementary, I am planning to attend college. My sisters and I being the first generation in our family to attend college, everything is a little scarier. Nothing scared me more than seeing the cost of the tuition. My parents dropped out of college after one year because they didn’t put the work in to get scholarships, and tuition was too much. My oldest sister is in her third year of college and is already planning to come out of college w ith $70,000 debt, because she is in a private school

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